What is it?

A final check and polish at the end of the editing and formatting process. Usually, the manuscript will be formatted as page proofs in PDF format. Proofreading checks that everything is where it should be (chapter headings and drops, indentations, sections breaks) and it’s the final chance to catch any last errors that may have slipped through ahead of the novel being released to the public.

Who’s it for?

Publishers and independent authors needing a last quality check of page proofs prior to publication.

What it involves

I will read your PDF page proofs thoroughly from start to finish, and use the annotation tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader to mark up any formatting errors, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Alternatively, I can complete a spreadsheet of errors for your formatter to action.

  • Page numbers, chapter headings, table of contents and running heads
  • Industry-standard format (paragraph indents, chapter drops, section breaks, equal page depths, etc.)
  • Standard spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Consistency in style of spelling, hyphenation and capitalisation
  • Punctuation of dialogue
  • Short last lines of paragraphs at the top of pages (widows)
  • Displayed material


Each project is assessed on an individual basis. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

What you get

The completed annotated PDF file or a spreadsheet provided by your formatter. During this round of editing, I cannot make changes to the file, only annotate on top of it. Any errors marked up will need to be corrected either by you, the author, or the formatter. 

A Style Sheet – a quick reference guide recording your preferences in spelling and punctuation, as well as the most important editorial decisions I’ve made.

One email correspondence within two weeks from the date you received the finished annotated file to answer any questions you may have and to clarify anything you’re unsure of. (However, if, at this point, you wish to make additional edits, these would need to be treated as a new project.)


How it works

Tell me a bit about your novel

Send me a short sample of your page proofs (usually of around 2000 words). If I think I’m a good fit, I will conduct a sample edit and return it with a quote for the total fee, the length of time I think the project will take, and when I can fit it into my schedule.

Agree to work together

If you are happy to proceed, I will send you a Project Agreement outlining the project terms which will include a section for you to add any spelling/punctuation preferences you may have, along with my standard terms and conditions. I will request a 30% deposit of the total fee to secure a place in my schedule.

Making a start

You will need to send me your page proofs in their entirety in a PDF file before the agreed date.

On Completion

I will return one completed annotated copy of the PDF page proofs (or spreadsheet), the Style Sheet, a sign-off/feedback form along with an invoice for the balancing payment.



I am thrilled with the work you have done. Many thanks indeed. I am signing off happy.

I liked the way all the comments were laid out for me. It made the whole thing so much easier.


If you think I could be the right editor for you, then please drop me an email and we can talk about your project and what your needs might be.